Now French campaigners call against Shein

June 4, 2023 0 Comments

Activists, led by the French political organization Place Publique, are calling for action against Shein, the ultra-fast fashion giant, citing concerns about its impact on the environment and human rights.

The campaign focuses on SHEIN’s use of Polyester, extracted from processed oil and gas, as an environmental disaster. Synthetic clothing would release microplastic fibers into the oceans, causing contamination. While Shein is rolling out up to 8,000 new items a day, the campaign argues that the encouraged overconsumption contributes to the destruction of the climate.

The campaign, addressed in a letter to French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, is supported by a European Deputy (MEP) and is pushing for urgent regulation. Legislative and regulatory measures should combat “cultural obsolescence” by regulating advertising and marketing strategies that encourage overconsumption on the street, social networks and the media. Brand websites that publish 1000 or more new articles per day should be deleted or blocked.

“If we let this model flourish, the carbon footprint of the fashion industry, which currently represents 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions, could reach 26% by 2050,” says Place Publique.

Investigations by NGOs and the media have revealed violations of social rights, exploitative working conditions and the use of cotton harvested by Uighur slaves within Shein’s production system, the campaign says. Shein’s attempts to manipulate influencers and make misleading statements on her website no longer hide these problems.

The carbon footprint of fashion could skyrocket if fast fashion is not regulated

According to Place Publique, Shein represents an industry that does not respect human rights, violates social rights and harms the environment. The legislation on corporate due diligence recently adopted by the European Parliament is considered an important step in reducing Shein’s destructive power, but Place Publique calls for immediate action at the national level in France by setting up a legislative and regulatory shield. It is the responsibility of the executive and legislative branches to adopt measures to protect citizens, human rights and the climate that go beyond mere rhetoric and take meaningful measures.

The campaign aims to get the support of 30,000 signatories. At the time of writing, the campaign had more than 24,100 signed petitions.

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