New Fashion Travel Brand Nere Launches in Uk

June 14, 2023 0 Comments

The Australian fashion travel brand Nere has expanded to the UK after a successful launch in its home country and New Zealand in 2022.

Nere offers a range of suitcases, travel bags and Accessories “for the style-conscious traveler” with the Vision of making “travel more fashionable” by offering consumers travel options to express themselves with bright colors and different sizes.

After its launch in July 2022, Nere has sold 45 million items in seven months and is looking to replicate this success in the UK with its range of affordable and sustainable items.

Felicity McGahan, CEO of the Nere Group, said in a statement: “We are delighted to launch Australia’s favourite fashion travel collection in the UK. It arrives just in time for summer adventures and vacations, and also at a time when customers want to save on travel costs wherever they can without compromising on style or comfort. Nere is perfect for today’s modern fashion traveler.

“When Nere came on the market, we saw the opportunity to reinvent the fashion travel category. It is the perfect mix of all the color trends of the world’s runways and everything we know about travel. We have created a brand that inspires travel from near and far thanks to the transparent combination of fashion and function at an affordable price.”

Nere offers luggage and accessories, including suitcases, mini-suitcases and vanities, as well as tote bags and travel bags, as well as luggage tags, straps and packing cubes. Highlights include the “Stori”, your signature suitcase in catwalk-inspired colors, alongside the “Wonda”, an elegant and robust suitcase in sober neutral tones, and the “Caype” suitcase in a softer color palette with rose gold accents. While the “Relm” is the most voluminous hard case of the brand made of rich metals, and “Edit” is the Softcase offer and the lightest case.

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