Aitor Throup designs uniforms for ITS Arcademy

April 9, 2023 0 Comments

British creative director and artist Aitor Throup designed the official uniforms of the ITS Arcademy Museum of fashion art, the first contemporary fashion museum in Italy and the only one in the world entirely dedicated to the first works of emerging and established designers.


Throup was once one of the emerging talents to whom the museum is dedicated. He participated in his competition in 2006, fresh out of the Royal College of Art, winning the collection of the year and the I-d Styling prize, which were a springboard for his career.

For the museum, Throup has designed a practical and utilitarian three-piece dress uniform, consisting of a top, apron and trousers, which can be worn as a protective layer over the museum staff’s own clothes.

Throup commented on the uniforms in a statement: “The work that Barbara Franchin and her team do has always resonated with my own practice… their approach is always profound, thoughtful and uncompromising; while their Commitment to supporting new talents is inspiring and exemplary. I wanted to express these values through my uniform designs by refusing to conform to the standardized tropes of utilitarian clothing or the conventional aesthetics of uniforms.

“I wanted the uniforms to serve future generations of designers, models that, on one level – through their thoughtful Minimalism – can serve as educational pieces to teach young designers how to build their first garment. whereas at a more advanced level, it can serve as a constant archetypal model for ITS, inviting new and established employees to recreate and reinterpret them through completely different creative lenses – in the hope of building a self-sufficient sewing iconography for themselves.”

Barbara Franchin, President of the foundation, added: “The circularity of talents and skills is part of the foundations of the Arcademy. It is home to thousands of designers who started here and we hope they will come back and work with us on design and education projects.

“We have been following Aitor’s career since the beginning and it was and is clear that he is one of the most talented conceptual utility designers of his generation. It is a real pleasure to meet him again and an honor to deliver a new uniform design that can contribute to the creative dialogue and the future practice of design.”

The ITS Arcademy-Museum of Fashion Art, which opened in Trieste, Italy, in April, houses more than 15,000 items, including clothing, Accessories, jewelry, photographs and project portfolios of the most exciting emerging designers of the last twenty years who have participated in the ITS competition. These include the early works of Demna, Matthieu Blazy, as well as Throup.

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